eulalyzer_largeWe’re happy to announce the release of EULAlyzer 2.0.

Many bad or potentially unwanted pieces of software like to bury what they plan on doing in their license agreements. And, truth be told, most people simply don’t take the time to fully read the license agreements for programs they install. So the bad guys get away with it, and most people have no idea what they might be agreeing to.

EULAlyzer helps you instantly analyze license agreements (EULAs), to determine the risks that software might pose. Advertising? Data collection? Hidden installation of third-party software? EULAlyzer breaks down long license agreements into easy-to-parse points of interest, instantly, to help you quickly zero in on potentially riskier behavior.

And it’s not just limited to license agreements either – use it analyze web site terms and privacy policies too, or any other text you come across.

The new EULAlyzer 2.0 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista.

More information and free download are here:

Release notes follow after the break.

EULAlyzer 2.0 Release Notes:

  • Faster performance (especially when scanning and saving EULAs)
  • An improved “Capture Text” method, that automatically gets out of your way
  • Enhancements to EULA-Watch to support more installers
  • User-specific settings and Saved EULA databases
  • Runs great on low-privilege accounts (no more occasional permissions errors if running on XP or Vista with a limited/Standard user account)
  • Interface improvements
  • Full Vista compatibility

The release also packages numerous additional bug fixes, including:
-FIX: Occasional problems submitting EULAs to the EULA Research Center
-FIX: Top program title incorrectly changes text color based on custom windows themes
-FIX: Occasional crashes with additional right-click options in My Saved EULAs
-FIX: It was possible to select multiple EULAs in the My Saved EULAs list
-FIX: Some program functions were not compatible with low-privilege user accounts
-FIX: Vista compatibility enhancements (numerous, including fixes for easily capturing license agreements)
-FIX: All whitespace is now removed from beginning + ending of input text, to ensure consistent duplicate detection and analysis