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Fake “SpywareGuard2008” rogue – beware

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 | Rogues | 1 Comment

A fake, rogue anti-malware product, going under the name “SpywareGuard 2008”, is making the rounds.

This program is not, in any way, associated with Javacool Software or our legitimate SpywareGuard product. Rather, “SpywareGuard 2008” is yet another rogue anti-malware utility trying to bank off of the name of a good program.

Legitimate download links for the real SpywareGuard are always available on our site.

The latest SpywareBlaster database update protects against the fake SpywareGuard2008, as well as thousands of other rogue and potentially unwanted programs.

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Antivirus 2009 search-engine redirect hacks

Sunday, December 7th, 2008 | Redirects | 14 Comments

Result of a Redirect: Antivirus 2009 Fake Scan Page

Result of a Redirect: Antivirus 2009 Fake Scan Page

Recently, we’ve come across a number of legitimate sites that have been hacked to redirect to various rogue anti-malware “scan” sites (including Antivirus2009).

The hack involves a twist. Visiting the sites directly (i.e. via a bookmark or manually entering the address) results in no redirect and, often, no signs of the hack. The malicious redirect only occurs when a user arrives at the site via search engine results.

This clever tactic serves to effectively delay any fixes. Site owners’ visiting their site directly won’t see any evidence of the redirect. But since many sites receive a majority of their traffic from search engines, that large majority of users will keep getting redirected to the malicious site.

The root cause of many of these hacks is › Continue reading

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